This Is the World's First Self-Rolling Yoga Mat

Fuss with straps no more.

Are you a devoted yoga practitioner? Then you know traditional yoga mats are clumsy and hard to roll up – needing extra straps to stay closed. YoYo Mats inventor Aaron Thornton had the same problem and decided to design a self-rolling mat.

Flip this yoga mat over and it will roll up on it’s own. Two patented steel bands beneath the mat spring to keep it shut and tightly rolled. YoYo Mats are designed with sustainability in mind and made with eco-alternative materials in a minimalistic make-up.

YoYo Mats are now patented, so watch the video above to get a demonstration. Mats range between $80 and $100 USD and are available to shop at the brand’s webstore.

1. With TOP side facing up, simply toss or unroll your YoYo Mat away from you.
2. Unroll the mat completely, then give it a click to lock in your YoYo Mat to stay flat.
3. Practice your fitness or yoga with no worries of your YoYo Mat curling or bunching up.
4. When you finish, simply FLIP your YoYo Mat over. There are many ways to flip the YoYo Mat over. Your YoYo Mat will always roll up all by itself.
5. Or flip your Yoyo Mat over completely flat and then just give it a click. Your YoYo Mat will also roll up all by itself.
6. Give your YoYo Mat a tap and twist if necessary. Your YoYo Mat will stay tightly rolled up without any straps or bags.

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