'Condé Nast Traveler' Lists the Best Restaurants in the World

The top 42 countries worth traveling to for food.

As every globetrotter’s bible, Condé Nast Traveler unveils its inaugural Where in The World to Eat awards in its latest October issue. Taking you off the grid from typical foodie destinations, the revered publication provides trusted recommendations for popular destinations such as Paris, London, New York and LA, as well as less-documented cities such as Mendoza, Dakar and Chengdu. Enlisting the help of today’s most knowledgeable experts, CN Traveler‘s network of chefs, food writers and experienced travelers assist in providing incomparable guidance for a meticulously curated and cross-referenced list.

Within the list are contributions from 72 chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, and hospitality veterans who have traversed the globe for culinary gems. As a result, they have nominated the top 42 countries worth traveling to for food. As stated by the magazine themselves, their mission is simple: “we’re here to help our readers have access, with immediate ease, to where they should be eating right now, wherever they are in the world.” To see the complete list of Where in The World to Eat, head over to CN Traveler‘s website.

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