Kendall Jenner Breaks Her Silence on Mental Health & Anxiety

“Anxiety was a huge hurdle for me to deal with this past year.”

2016 saw a breakthrough year in mental health breaking the silence in what’s been a behind-closed-doors problem. Kendall Jenner is the latest model to speak up on about her struggle with anxiety.

She wrote on her app: “Anxiety was a huge hurdle for me to deal with this past year (and security concerns didn’t help), but I think I’m finally learning how to cope.”

Among Kendall’s “peaks and pits” were almost holding 2016′s most Vogue covers — though beat by Gigi Hadid — and older sister Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery.

In one instance the model recounted: “It is so weird as I get like super light headed when I am on planes and I feel like I am going to faint. I don’t know what to do as I am freaking out about even flying home.”

Kendall’s previously revealed she’s had sleep paralysis that contributed to her anxiety. We pray she’ll have a healthy 2017.

SourceTeen Vogue
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