Kim Kardashian Could Get Her Stolen Diamond Engagement Ring Back

[UPDATE] Three suspects have been since released without any criminal charges.

This week the 17 suspects involved in Kim Kardashian’s Paris heist were arrested. Among the $10 million USD worth stolen was Kim’s $4 million USD diamond ring gifted by Kanye West.

According to US Weekly there’s hope yet the ring could be found. Two brothers in connection are allegedly “involved in the diamond trade and are thought to have handled the stolen jewelry.”

“Their homes have been searched from top to bottom, and so has a jewelry shop in Paris which is also linked to them. The jewelry has not yet been found, but these brothers could lead us to it over the coming days.”

The men made constant visits to Antwerp — the Belgian diamond capital — and know the industry inside-out. Police suspect the brothers could know exactly where the ring went. Other arrested included Kardashian’s Paris driver.

US reports suspects can be held you to 96 hours before being charged or released so we should have an answer soon.

UPDATE 1/11/17: Three suspects including the driver have been since released without any criminal charges according to CNN.

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