French Authorities Arrest 16 People in Connection With Kim Kardashian's Robbery

Trace fingerprints led them to a “mixed bunch” of people, including a 72-year-old man.

Only recently has Kim Kardashian begun to re-enter the public spotlight since her harrowing robbery of an estimated $10 million USD in jewels and cash in Paris back in October. Parisian authorities have reported little progress on the ongoing investigations in the three months since but French media now say 16 people have been arrested.

The crime was originally believed to be committed by a group of five armed men disguised in police uniforms and ski masks. However, DNA traces left behind in on a clamp used to hold Kardashian in her hotel room led police to a “mixed bunch” of robbers — most of whom were in their 50s with the oldest being 72 years old. One was flagged for trying to re-sell one of the stolen pieces of jewelry, and a fingerprint was also found on a diamond-studded pendant that was dropped near the crime scene by one of the robbers during the getaway.

A French judge may travel to New York to conduct an interview with Kardashian following the arrests, and it’s unclear whether her jewelry has been recovered.

The upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians follows the events that took place with Kardashian tearfully breaking her silence in a new promo. Watch here.

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