Urban Decay's Holiday 2017 Makeup Collection Has Metallics Galore

Introducing the new Heavy Metals eyeshadow palette.

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Urban Decay is serving up heat and glamor with its Holiday 2017 cosmetics range. Perfect for those who love a bold beauty look, the collection marks the debut of the brand’s first entirely metallic eyeshadow palette, alongside a lineup of glittery eyeliners and a new Vice lipstick palette.

Dubbed the Heavy Metals eyeshadow palette, the product is packed with 20 amped-up shades ranging from vivid to neutral hues. Sneak a peek at the sleek packaging above and check out the swatches via the image below.

Details regarding the collection’s release date are still sparse, but be sure to stay with us for more information. In the meantime, read our weekly BAE Bulletin to learn about some of this week’s best drops.

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