Essentials: Leikeli47 Unveils a Bit About the Musician Beneath the Mask

Though we may never actually see her, the Brooklyn-born artist shares some of the things that make her, her.

Of course there’s something mysterious about Leikeli47, she’s a musician who does not reveal her identity, after all. In all honesty, approaching her may seem a bit daunting because you literally cannot read her facial expression but you’ll quickly learn to never judge a woman by her mask — her warm energy is just as infectious as her head-bopping tracks. The mask affords her a sense of anonymity in an industry that often misplaces the a pervasive focus on the who’s who rather than the art itself. She’s been able to put everything she has into her music without having to give up a single thing about her personal life so that the spotlight is shining on her artistry and nothing else.

It’s a tad bit ironic because Leikeli47′s elusiveness is also something that obviously sparks our interest. However pay close enough attention to her lyrics or visuals, like her latest single “Money,” and she’ll tell you all you need to know about her: “All my life, I had to grind and hustle.” The hustle, her craft, is her priority. Period. Leikeli47′s approach is obviously working. Turn on any of her other tracks and there’s no denying just how catchy her sound is. It’s one that she’s specially created for herself in its entirety, and she often makes her own tracks by turning anything and everything around her into an instrument — her own hum, jingling keys or the pounding of a mic stand, for example. Each song leaves us begging for more, and with a new project entitled Wash & Set on the way, Leikeli47 definitely has more to give us.

While we’ll likely never lay eyes on who the woman beneath the mask (or, masks — she has hundreds of them) is, Leikeli47′s at least willing to continue opening up about what else is really important to her. Aside from all the actual tech she uses to make her music, like her Apollo Twin and MacBook, her must-haves also count things like her go-to Milk beauty products that keep her skin prepped and primed. Watch her share all of her Essentials above.

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