Watch Sophia Amoruso Reveal What It Really Means to Be a 'Girlboss'

“It’s okay to be an outsider and to want things that are not popular.”

What exactly is a Girlboss? We learn from Sophia Amoruso who literally wrote the book on it in this short clip. Britt Robertson, who plays Amoruso in the Netflix original series based on the book, and showrunner Kay Cannon also sit down to parse out the meaning of this buzzy term. “It’s easier to love each other if we accept that we’re all a little fucked up inside” Robertson muses. Amoroso shares that a girlboss is “strong, smart and resilient” while Cannon adds being “opinionated, confident, and feisty” are markers of a girl in control.

Check out the clip above ahead of the April 21 series premiere.

PhotographerJared Harrell
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