SSENSE Gives a Lesson in Day-To-Night Styling

Dressing beyond the classic split between work and play.

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For its latest editorial feature, SSENSE explores the timeless dilemma of seamlessly transitioning from a day-to-night look. Addressing the misguided notion that work and play are fixed polarities, the Montreal-based e-tailer outlines a new approach that takes into consideration all of life’s unexpected circumstances. From breaking down dualities, to exploring terms such as “moonlighting,” SSENSE provides a refreshing take on the classic day-to-night conundrum — all the while accompanying its much-appreciated advice with an equally regarded editorial of moody proportions. Highlighted in the roundup are pieces from Acne Studios, Mansur Gavriel, Balmain, Dior and more.

To read more from the brand’s style guide, you can head over to SSENSE’s website.

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Magdalena Kmiecik