Aubrey Plaza Is a Nun Gone Wild in 'The Little Hours' Red Band Trailer

“These are your sins.”

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The red band trailer for The Little Hours borders on outright sacrilege. Dave Franco stars as a hired hand in a medieval convent surrounded by some less-than-holy nuns. The sisters, played by Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie, cannot seem to follow the covenant and begin to prey on Franco resulting in a hilarious series of events.

Driven by their rampant sex drives, the sisters plot and plan to get Franco alone despite the lord’s orders. The trailer ends with the sisters dancing at a forest bacchanal completely estranged from their righteous path. Based off of a tale from Giovanni Boccacio’s The Decameron, the outcome of this film will be anything but normal.

The Little Hours is set to release globally on June 30. Catch the red band trailer above.

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