Embrace Unisex Silhouettes in Brashy Studios' 2018 Pre-Spring Lookbook

The LA brand goes genderless.

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LA-based brand Brashy Studios is switching things up from its previous “Adults Only” themed drop by premiering a mostly unisex line for 2018 pre-spring.

Entitled “Under Influence,” the monochrome drop includes T-shirts and hoodies with centralized graphic prints, patent leather zip-up trousers and jackets, wide-legged sweatpants and distressed, oversized denim galore. The collection is inspired by “things we rejected earlier but now found beautiful” and it shows, with kitsch elements like tribal graphics, elongated sleeves and mesh fabrics being redefined in a fashion-forward and extremely wearable way. Peep the full lookbook above and preview the styles before they drop on Brashy Studios’ website.

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Brashy Studios