Brashy Studios' 2017 Fall Lookbook Deconstructs Streetwear Trends

Nothing was the same.

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Brashy Studios updates this year’s most popular streetwear trends with a little bit of punk style. Its 2017 fall lookbook is modeled by Lucette Van Beek, who poses on the streets of Los Angeles.

Beek holds a smoldering stare, sporting the Euro Trash cropped tracksuit top in white. She crouches in the matching velvet bottom, which is crafted with an elastic waist for the ultimate comfort. The most interesting garment would be the glossy one-piece arriving in black and white. The bodysuit’s straps criss-cross across the chest for a distressed and sensual look that can be worn alone or layered for added effect.

Take a look at the lookbook above and shop the 2017 fall collection at Brashy Studios now.

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Jacob Hägg/@jacob____hagg
Lucette Van Beek/@lucettevanbeek