Stop Everything: Angelina Jolie Is Returning for 'Maleficent' Sequel

Chicest villain out there.

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Yes, you read that right. After a long break from acting, Angelina Jolie will return to the big screen to reprise her role as Maleficent in the upcoming Disney sequel.

There’s no information whether the rest of the cast from the first movie will be returning, but at the Telluride Film Festival, Jolie confirmed the news and said “We have been working on the script and this is going to be a really strong sequel.” No word yet on the storyline, but we can only hope that it will be just as good as the first film.

During her time away from acting, Angelina has focused on directing, and with several pictures like Unbroken and By The Sea under her belt, it will be interesting to see what she will bring to the sequel. Stay tuned to find out more as further details are revealed.

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