Dancer and Choreographer Bailey Sok Shares a Tutorial for her Latest TikTok Dance
The multi-hyphenate demonstrates how American Eagle’s Dream Jeans are made to move.

Since its inception, TikTok has become a global hub for memes, beauty tutorials, DIYs and viral choreographed dances. Around the world, a surge of aspiring and professional dancers are using the platform to create their own viral dance challenges and tutorials from the comfort of their own homes.   Among those rising to the top is breakout performer Bailey Sok, a 16-year-old dancer and choreographer who grew up studying a range of dance styles like contemporary and hip-hop, and whose accomplishments include dancing alongside chart-topping artists such as Janet Jackson, Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor. With a following count of over one million on TikTok, the Orange County native has broken down a series of hard-hitting moves as part of an exclusive dance tutorial that showcases how she can effortlessly move in American Eagle’s Dream Jeans without sacrificing her signature style.

Sok’s free-flowing choreography and affinity for relaxed, comfortable layers are on full display as she takes center stage in an AE cropped boxy tee, denim jacket, gold hoops and, of course, a pair of Dream Jeans. For dancers like Sok, maintaining both their style of dance and fashion requires a pair of jeans that moves with them — and the Dream Jean does just that. Sok puts the denim to the test with her latest hip-hop-inspired choreography and proves that its flexible yet flattering fit seamlessly translates to real life.   Check out Bailey Sok’s TikTok dance tutorial in the video above and head to American Eagle’s site to shop the Dream Jean now.