HYPEBAE Introduces HYPEBAE Radio For First-Ever Podcast

A discussion on sustainability with Hillary Taymour, Marina Testino, Olivia Cheng and Sharifa Murdock.

HYPEBAE Introduces HYPEBAE Radio For First-Ever Podcast
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Today, a new generation of emerging, creative professionals are reshaping the future by setting forth a wave of positive change and facing the challenges and opportunities of the digital age head on. To give these individuals a voice and amplify their stories, we proudly introduce HYPEBAE Radio, a brand new platform dedicated to examining their unconventional journeys as pioneers of change. 

“School of Sustainability,” brought to you by HYPEBAE Radio and Target, marks the debut of the first-ever HYPEBAE podcast, a show that addresses fashion’s climate impact, the new industry standards that are being set into motion and the risks a brand takes when breaking the norm. In this week’s episode, “The Next Generation of Changemakers” hosted by Sharifa Murdock, we gathered a collective of industry leaders to speak on behalf of fashion’s current stance on sustainability

Recorded during Hypebae’s Fall Formal event last month, Murdock sat down with sustainable designer Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada, a finalist for the 2019 CFDA award, Olivia Cheng of the eco-conscious line Dauphinette and Marina Testino, an activist and advocate for sustainable fashion, for a candid conversation surrounding these issues. While each of these creatives come from differing backgrounds, together the group offered insight into the industry’s current state, the importance of transparency from brands and how education will serve as a key factor for the next wave of fashion designers. 

To find out more about the show and stay up-to-date on new episodes head to hypebae.com/radio. You can also subscribe to us on Spotify, Apple Podcast or anywhere you listen to podcasts. Also, please rate, leave a comment below and tell a friend about the show — we appreciate your support. Lastly, we would also like to give a special thanks to Target in this week’s episode, “The Next Generation of Changemakers.”

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