Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint Will Soon Have a New Formula – and Even More Shades

The change is due to customer feedback.

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Perfecting Skin Tint was one of the first products cult beauty brand Glossier introduced when it initially launched, nearly four years ago. Since then, the teeny-tiny bottle has become a firm favorite of makeup lovers worldwide, with the light, dewy formula embodying the brand’s ethos of celebrating natural beauty.

Now, Glossier has revealed the almost foundation-like skin tint’s unique formula is set to be changing, according to a customer service email shared on Allure which reads:

“Thanks so much for purchasing Perfecting Skin Tint! It’s one of the four products that started Glossier (and our skin first philosophy). We work to create innovative and prestige-quality formulas, and, in some cases, that means revisiting the formula of a product in our current lineup. Thanks to extremely helpful feedback from our community, we updated the skin tint formula to improve overall performance (while keeping all of the best parts from the original). You’ll still get the dewy, sheer coverage you know and love, but with smoother application, an updated pigment treatment, and more.”

Alongside this, a Glossier representative confirmed that the brand will also be offering a promo code for customers who’ve purchased the original formula Perfecting Skin Tint in the last month, so they can receive the newly-updated one for free. The representative stated “Our goal was to fix some of the issues we faced with our previous formula without compromising the look and effect of toned, smooth, dewy skin. The new formula is the same sheer and breathable one you know and love — just with some improvements.”

The skin tint is currently only available in five shades, but following on from Fenty Beauty‘s widespread inclusivity, many other brands have followed suit to up their offering to be inclusive of as many skin tones as possible. Touching on this, the representative added ”Inclusivity is one of our core values at Glossier, and we want everyone to experience our products. We’re currently making more Perfecting Skin Tint shades and plan to launch them within the next year.” Stay tuned for more updates on this – have you tried Glossier’s new Lash Slick Mascara yet?

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