Yohji Yamamoto Ground Y and Fred Perry Team up for a Capsule Collection

Back to black.

765 Hypes

Yohji Yamamoto‘s Ground Y is known for its ageless and genderless style, and now the label is collaborating with British label Fred Perry. The capsule collection features everything from a track suits and tote bags, as well as Fred Perry’s signature polo shirt and sneakers – all following Yamamoto’s all-black aesthetic. Graphic prints are also present throughout, like the eye-catching “No Smoking” decal complete with Yohji’s iconic branding. Centered around the theme of deconstruction, the pieces are all layered and experimental, featuring panels and interesting composition to give new and modern shapes to classic pieces.

The capsule collection is set to retail at Ground Y as well as Fred Perry’s Japanese stores starting June 1, before dropping across Japan on June 8. The collection will also be available online in the coming month, so make sure to stay tuned for any updates regarding the release.

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