Ex-Girls' Generation Idol Tiffany Young Debuts New Song "Over My Skin"

Including a dance video choreographed by Yanis Marshall.

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Ex-Girls' Generation Idol Tiffany Young Debuts New Song "Over My Skin"

Including a dance video choreographed by Yanis Marshall.

For those who are familiar with K-Pop, you’ll know that Girls’ Generation still remains to be one of South Korea’s most celebrated supergroups. With the lineup comprised of eight members, the SM Entertainment-signed band was behind a slew of beloved hits that include “Gee,” “The Boys” and “Mr. Taxi” to name a few. Despite seeing much success within both South Korea and on a larger global scale, it was announced back in October 2017 that several members would be leaving S.M. Entertainment in order to pursue personal endeavors. Among them was Tiffany Young, the California-bred idol who is now establishing a career in America.

First debuting her new song “Over My Skin” with Rolling Stone, the single has already been meet with immense praise and has garnered well over 1.2 million views on YouTube since its release. On what this means for the next phase of her career, she tells Rolling Stone

“It was never a secret that I wanted to pursue a career here in America. My girls knew and our fans knew. I started out in Girls’ Generation when I was 17, and now I’m 28…..I was thinking more about how can I bring what I am as a K-Pop artist, but also bring in the elements of pop that I love and grew up with – that Pharrell, Britney, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland era. That music is still amazing to this day. I just wanted to bring both worlds together.”

Rife with ’90s R&B elements, as well as catchy pop hooks, the new song is a triumph in expressing what it means to embrace one’s femininity, as well as becoming self aware of your place in the world. “It’s about doing my life my way and not for anyone else. When you first hear the song, you can say, oh that is about sex, but listen again, it is really deeper than that. It is about being a woman in this world at this time. My favorite line is ‘do nasty things and you don’t judge me’ because I think every woman feels that way and there is nothing wrong with it,” Young insightfully shares.

You can hear the full song above and to get a taste of what’s to come, make sure to watch the star’s dance practice choreographed by Yanis Marshall below. The official music video for “Over My Skin” is slated to drop on July 13.

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