How to Survive Fashion Week: The Essentials

Getting through the week like a seasoned professional.

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Fashion Week isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. It is stressful rushing from show to show, staying on time and trying to look your best at the same time. With fashion month about to kick off, we’ve compiled all the essentials to surviving fashion week like a seasoned professional.

If you’re looking to get streetsnapped, make sure to check out our five-step guide here. Keep reading to see the items you need to keep in your (statement) bag during fashion week below.

1. Camera - Not only do you need a camera to capture your fashion week outfits, it’s great to have one to keep track of all the events throughout the week.

2. Water - Hydration is key when it comes to staying alert. Always carry water with you, no matter what.

3. Portable Charger - Since you’ll likely be using your phone all day, a portable charger is a must.

4. Emergency Fuel - When you’re running to and from shows, you might not have time to grab a bite in-between. Keep a granola bar or some nuts at hand, for when you need an energy boost.

5. Umbrella - You never know when it might start pouring, and when it does, you want to make sure your outfit doesn’t get ruined.

6. Lipstick - If you’re wearing makeup, bringing products for touch-ups is a must. Always have a lipstick at hand – it can take your look from day to night in a matter of seconds.

7. Band-Aids - Since fashion week is all about street style, comfort isn’t always the priority. Those new heels might look great, but a few blisters in you’ll be happy to have band-aids at hand.

8. Powder - Rushing to get places will definitely cause you to break a sweat. Blotting paper or powder will get rid of any unwanted shine, and make you look fit for fight.

9. Invitations and RSVPs - Since most shows require an invite, make sure to bring them with you. It might seem obvious, but keep track of your schedule and always have your cards or email invites ready to go.

10. Phone - Of course, you’ll need your phone. Whether it is to post pictures for Instagram or call your friends when you lose them in the fashion crowd, your phone will be your ride or die.

11. Fragrance - Freshen up with a spritz of perfume after a long day. Most brands make travel-size containers, so keeping one in your bag won’t be a hassle at all.

12. Sunglasses - Last but not least, sunglasses. Nothing says fashion week as big shades that make you look important, so make sure to keep yours at hand at all times.

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