Here's How the April Full Pink Supermoon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

An astrologer shares the do’s and don’ts during this powerful cosmic event.

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April’s pink supermoon, named after the springtime wildflower phlox, will rise Monday night (April 26) in the fixed water sign Scorpio. With this powerful astrological event fast approaching, we asked Sanctuary astrologer Julia Modorsky to share with us how this month’s full moon will affect each zodiac sign.

First, you need to know that there are three types of full moons: blue moons, supermoons and lunar eclipses. According to Modorsky, a blue moon takes place every couple of years, while a supermoon occurs when the full moon’s orbit is closest to Earth, making it appear to be the largest, brightest and fullest of them all. A lunar eclipse is like a super-charged full moon and takes place when the full moon is in direct alignment with the nodes of the moon.

“The full moon is always in the sign directly opposite the sun with Earth in between. So, during this Taurus Sun season, we’re expecting a Scorpio full moon,” Modorsky tells HYPEBAE. “We recently had a Libra full moon during Aries season, and next month we’ll be having a Sagittarius full moon during Gemini season. However, like each individual birth chart, due to the accompanying planetary cycles in the sky, every single full moon is different.”

Below, Modorsky shares what else to expect from April’s full pink moon, as well as some self-care tips you can practice during this cosmic event.


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How a Full Moon Affects Zodiac Signs

During a full moon, the energy in the air can feel heightened for everyone of every sign. An area of life becomes illuminated, magnified and intensified — the revealing of what may have once been hidden — bringing newfound clarity and understanding. The fullness of the moon is a type of culmination point where we can see results, rewards of past deeds, harvest or a feeling of wholeness and completion. Celebrating how far we’ve come or even actively shedding and releasing to let in some fresh opportunities. It’s time to get rid of the old and make way for the new, and realize something isn’t serving your highest self and path forward.

Every single full moon will affect all the signs differently depending on the sign the full moon is in alongside the mixture of planets in the sky. The only difference is in which astrological house each month’s full moon will land in each individual’s birth chart, and whether there’s a connection with personal placements, such as your natal Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and so on. Pull up your chart wheel to see where 7° of Scorpio manifests for you.


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The Most Vulnerable Signs This Month

Aries energy was running the show from April 1 – early day April 19. Later that day on April 19, the Sun moved into Taurus and a new season emerged. With the Sun in Aries, its family of cardinal signs — Capricorn, Cancer and Libra placements (Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.) — could have felt a bit off due to some energetic tension, ultimately resulting in greater knowledge and activity.

With Taurus season beginning, the fixed signs — Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius — will be experiencing various squares, conjunctions and oppositions in the sky, which will lead towards significant growth through some energetic pressure. Any hurdles met during this Sun’s season will aim towards greater consciousness and empowerment for these signs.

We have three planets accompanying the Sun this season such as Mercury, Venus and Uranus. All of this Taurean energy will be squaring Aquarius and Leo, opposing Scorpio, and conjoining other Taurus placements in each of our charts. Both Saturn and Jupiter — still roaming in Aquarius — will also be squaring Taurus and Scorpio, opposing Leo, and conjoining fellow Aquarius placements.

As a result, fixed signs — Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius — need to take it especially slow, be kind to themselves and rest when needed. Find healthy habits and explore new routines that can help with any stress. If you’re feeling the pressure, step away, take a break, a nap, sleep, bathe, or ground your energy with a nutritious meal. If possible, go and immerse yourself in a field of green this season and enjoy the healing touch Mother Nature has to offer. You will feel more clear-headed and rejuvenated to take on what you initially needed a hiatus from.


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Full Moon Self-Care Tips for Each Zodiac Sign

Each birth chart is completely unique. Check to see where 7° of Scorpio is in your chart wheel to know what house (one through 12) and what placements (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc.) it may be transiting and connecting with. Your Rising Sign isn’t an object in the sky, but actually the threshold or cusp of the first house in your chart wheel. So by knowing your Rising Sign, you already know what sign your first house begins with.

Aries Rising

Now is a wonderful time to actually embrace your powerful nature and your ability to be vulnerable in your intimate relationships. You may feel some tension between this sureness of self (successfully opening up to a deeper level of connection), with your self-worth breakthroughs, and also any commitments and responsibilities towards your friends, your visions of the future and your community. Explore what you value in life, reap the rewards of where you’ve invested your energy, and give yourself a breather before reconnecting with your friends. You’ll be in a lighter and more playful mood.

Taurus Rising

You may be feeling some tension with your work life, public presence, the revolution of self and who you are, and your relationships during this full moon. The fullness of this moon may bring along new insights involving your support systems and those closest to you (a work, love or close friend partnership). How is your radical transformation of self-finding balance with your relationships? Are they empowering or are you feeling that something needs to change? Look deep within your heart, find solace in your home and with your family, and know you’ll be able to take on any work responsibilities that are asking for your attention.

Gemini Rising

Your daily routine, health, attention to detail, and your day-to-day reality (as well as service to others) can come to the forefront now. Do you feel you’re at a culmination point with a healing journey? Have there been major breakthroughs spiritually or even psychically? This can be a period of heightened wisdom and awareness in general alongside the grounding balance of meditation, compassion, and the feeling of embracing something greater than one’s self, resulting in a powerful new routine that better suits your current lifestyle. Remember to have fun expressing yourself and relieve any tension from educational commitments and mentorship through the spiritual awareness tools you’ve been gathering.

Cancer Rising

Now can be a great time to get your creative juices flowing. You can feel the charge of this full moon to express yourself and shine your bright light. Find balance with the communities, friendships and your most ideal future that you’ve been working hard on revolutionizing. But don’t skip out on the intimacy during this active period or the commitment you feel towards delving into the deeper meanings in life. First, find your natural grounding and security so you’ll have the energy to dive in once you’re ready.

Leo Rising

Transformation within the home, within the heart or within the family can abound this full moon. You may find new insights about your inner self, your emotional nature and how you feel. Find the balance with the great leaps you’ve been making in your career and also find the time to honor any serious relationships or partnerships you’re in. Take a moment for yourself and your personal passions, so you can then reconnect with others in your life without feeling any stress to do so.

Virgo Rising

Powerful thought, depth of mind and transformational ideas. What new insights and information are you receiving and/or communicating? You may have had some revolutionary and enlightening adventures in varying perspectives, teachings and (if it was possible) through travel lately. Now, your voice and what you’ve learned and gathered are in the spotlight. What you have to say is truly powerful and now is the time to be heard, but make sure not to overlook a conscious awareness when doing so. If you’re feeling obligated to help others, be sure to first nourish your soul. Taking it step-by-step and surrendering to the ultimate flow of life can also help with any potential stumbling down a sleep-depriving rabbit hole.

Libra Rising

This full moon is reflecting a bright light upon your values in life, whether it be spiritual, personal or financial. You may be seeing results flowing in with your earned income, or perhaps more clearly understand what you find valuable by way of your investments, intimate interactions and any deep changes within. You can also be cultivating a powerful sense of security, grounding and self-worth with this foundation of trust. If you currently feel a commitment or responsibility towards being seen, in the spotlight or with your creativity, embracing some community leadership can be an outlet that helps ease any stress or tension. Don’t forget about self-care in the process.

Scorpio Rising

This full moon is one of self-empowerment and can bring great illumination towards who you are and your ability to transform yourself and release any past versions of you. There may have been some foundational changes within your partnerships (business, love or close friends) that have helped find this wholeness and clarity of self. Honor how far you’ve come and where you are now. If you feel any tension or pressure emotionally, with your family commitments, or within the home (maybe seriously considering a big move or renovations), take some time to center your being. You’ll feel refreshed, be ready to get down to business and be able to once again express your visions and goals clearly.

Sagittarius Rising

Explore your dreams, any subconscious blockages or fears that are ready to be released, and connect with the boundlessness of your spiritual self and soul’s desires. This creates a balance that can be discovered through greater health routines, attention to your day-to-day reality and further healing. There can be some pressure with your communication or your commitment to sharing your ideas, whether via speaking or writing. Get plenty of rest so you’ll be able to tackle these responsibilities with a fresh spirit and joyously go for it. You can even try wearing some crystal bracelets to help ground the energy in your hands to seamlessly channel out your writing.

Capricorn Rising

You may be receiving new insights in regards to your friendships, communities and how to set forth on your better and brighter tomorrow. This may involve letting go of certain aspects of dreams that need to be shed so you can make way for an idea that’s in even more alignment with your creative vision. Enjoy the brilliant insights that come to you with this full moon, and the creative foundation that will help with that fruition. Be careful not to side-step your financial responsibilities. If you find tension in this area, take it slow, give it a moment, then efficiently return to that task at hand so you can then continue on with your dream-catching.

Aquarius Rising

As you’ve been experiencing stable shake-ups within the home and heart, your career now comes into full view this full moon. You may feel ready for major changes, whether this is a promotion, a new job altogether or more of a sureness in what your goals are. It’s possible you will even see the results of your most recent project. As you explore this balance between home and career, don’t forget your commitment towards yourself and who you are as an individual. While steadily experiencing these serious changes and a maturing process towards an elevated version of yourself, remember to first celebrate your many powerful achievements thus far.

Pisces Rising

Your beliefs, philosophies, perspective and studies can be highlighted and magnified during this time. The best way to experience this full moon is to allow yourself to transform your beliefs with a powerful openness to new perspectives or unfamiliar points of view. This release can lead to new explorations and a feeling of greater freedom. Shed any limiting beliefs, remain compassionate, continue to gather new information and surrender to the flow of life. But don’t forget to get plenty of sleep at night. With so many new ideas buzzing around, committing to a spiritual practice or a type of energetic cleanse can help ease any stress and recharge your energy to help you boldly take on each new day.


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Do’s and Don’ts During a Full Moon


  • Actively release mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Honor this completion and culmination point, enjoy the fruits of your labor and understand any lessons being learned.
  • Reflect on what’s being brought to your attention.
  • Integrate the new awareness and teachings. Don’t brush them aside.
  • Transform what isn’t serving your life. Let go of any habits, patterns and toxicities that are ready for expiration. Embody the phoenix rising from the ashes.
  • Ground in the positive, calm and steady vibes of the opposing Taurus Sun. Remember the beauty of life, the natural world around you and its wonderful resources.
  • Do some breathwork. Transform the energy within yourself through deep, conscious breathing.


  • Don’t project any intensity you’re feeling onto others. Take time to respond so you don’t react then regret the emotional reaction.
  • Don’t get stuck in the figurative death portion of the cycle of transformation. Allow yourself to move on towards the rebirth. Shed old skin and don’t dwell inside it. Leave the past in the past, and learn and grow from it.
  • Don’t burn yourself out on the extra charge the full moon brings. Move at a steady pace.
  • Don’t obsess, hold on too tightly, stay up all night or get lost in a rabbit hole if you’re in an investigative mood.
  • Don’t suppress your feelings. Feel them, acknowledge and responsibly release them.
  • Don’t shy away from newly discovered truths.
  • Don’t live in the past. Learn and grow from it. Release negative thoughts, don’t let your imagination run wild (against yourself), and be excited for the future as you level up.

Having always been one to enjoy problem-solving, finding patterns and exploring the deeper meanings in life, Julia Arielle Modorsky discovered the intricate depths of astrology years ago and quickly made it her full-time career. Since joining Sanctuary in 2019, she’s given thousands of readings to clients all over the world to help bring clarity, guidance and empowerment to their lives through the interworkings of the cosmos. You can find Julia giving readings on the Sanctuary app most nights, as well as on her Instagram.

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