Here Are 12 Chefs You Need to Follow on TikTok

Teaching you everything from Starbucks recipes to easy snacks.

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If you haven’t downloaded TikTok yet, now is the time. We’ve seen various viral challenges, iconic celebrity videos and so much more on the platform, and now we’re taking a look at the best food videos and recipes on the site. Whether you’re on the app for dancing content or cute cat videos, there’s no doubt that you’ve caught a glimpse of the “Food TikTok” community on your For You page.

TikTok has given us a way to easily share video content without much editing or direction, creating fun and wholesome content that can be shared across multiple platforms, and now when most of us are spending more time online due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no better place to consume content – especially when it comes to food and cooking.

We’ve put together seven of our favorite chefs and food accounts on TikTok, ranging from Starbucks recipes to complicated rolled ice cream desserts and authentic Mexican food. With the holiday season right around the corner, there’s no better time to try out new recipes and eat delicious treats. Take a look at our top picks below, and for more TikTok, don’t miss the viral “Sock Hair” trend that is taking the platform by storm.

Eitan Bernath (@eitan)

Eitan Bernath is an 18-year-old chef who makes quick and engaging videos on everything from how to recreate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to how to elevate your food photography. The creator has created a series on his Instagram dubbed “Quarantine Cooking,” where he showcases easy recipes to inspire his audience through self-isolation due to coronavirus.

Vivian Aronson (@cookingbomb)

@cookingbombHome made Kimchi! Watch to the end to see my kids taste this spicy ##kimchi ?. So easy to make, and it’s delicious!##learnfromme##cooking##asianfood♬ Check on It (Reggaeton Remix) – DJ Maze

After appearing on season 10 of popular TV series Master Chef, Vivian Aronson has taken to TikTok to showcase her recipes. With a focus on Asian cuisines, Vivian teaches us how to make kimchi, how to use chopsticks, how to make Chinese pancakes and so much more, and a big plus is that her adorable kids usually make an appearance in her videos.

Maya (@starbucksrecipeswithm)

@starbucksrecipeswithmOrder a vanilla bean frap w raspberry, strawberry & dragon inclusions, layered w whip and raw sugar @ the bottom of cup!! ##fromthedrafts ##fyp♬ original sound – starbucksrecipeswithm

@starbucksrecipeswithmorder a vanilla bean frap w/ a scoop of dragon fruit blended in, & purée, ginger powder, matcha powder and dragonfruit in the cup and on top!! ##foryou♬ original sound – starbucksrecipeswithm

Ever wondered how to recreate famous Starbucks drinks at home? Maya is here to show you. Her step-by-step guides show how to put together iconic beverages like the Pink Drink or the colorful Tie-Dye Frappuccino, and she’s even developed her own signature cup flip (which we won’t attempt at home).

Sonny Hurrell (@thatdudecancook)

Sonny Hurrell has been a professional chef for 17 years, and has now taken his craft to TikTok. Whether you’re looking for simple tutorials on how to correctly chop an onion, or complex pastry recipes, Sonny has it all. Get ready to scroll through his feed and drool, because there are tons of recipes we’re dying to try on there.

Foodies (@Foodies)

Although this account isn’t technically “a chef,” it deserves to be on the list because of all the drool-worthy food videos. Most of us aren’t able to currently go out to restaurants due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but some of these videos will keep us occupied until we can go out and try the food for ourselves.

Newt (@newt)

If you’re looking for a wide range of recipes along with excellent commentary, you need to follow Newt. Showing us everything from Swedish meatballs to pepperoni bites, there’s no shortage of food inspiration and tutorials on his page.

Jenny Martinez (@jennymartinezzz)

Did someone say Taco Tuesday? Because Jenny Martinez serves up all the best recipes ranging from a rich guacamole to delicious tacos in multiple ways. Burritos, desserts and so much more, there’s no doubt you’ll be craving Mexican food after browsing her page.

Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

@iamtabithabrownIt’s my daughter @choyce.brown 19th birthday and she wanted my special Mac-n-cheese! ##vegan ##tabithabrown♬ original sound – iamtabithabrown

@iamtabithabrownTonight’s dinner was requested by a few of you guys, a skirt steak substitute using portobello mushrooms! OMG! Delicious! ##vegan ##tabithabrown♬ original sound – iamtabithabrown

Tabitha Brown is a must-follow for anyone looking for vegan food. Whether it is a delicious serving of mac-n-cheese or an imitation steak made with portobello mushrooms, you’re sure to find heaps of inspiration on Tabitha’s account.

chelsweets (@chelsweets)

@chelsweetsWhen you’re over banana bread but you still have tons of bananas ?? The recipe is also linked in my bio ?##chocolatechip ##banana ##bars ##chelsweets♬ original sound – chelsweets

Satisfy your sweet-tooth with the most fantastic cakes, sweets and baked goods. Chelsweets creates incredible cakes in the shapes of dumplings and cartoon characters, as well as easy at-home baking like brownies, banana bread and more – all ideal for devouring at any time of day.

Jessica Woo (@ sulheejessica)

@sulheejessicaHello to my new followers! ❤️ ##repost ##beforequarantine ##fyp ##letsmakesomelunchformykids♬ original sound – sulheejessica

Jessica Woo is everyone’s favorite mom on TikTok, as she posts her daily lunch-prep for her children. She gets creative with adorable fruits and vegetable shapes, and delicious sandwiches and wraps that are so cute you wouldn’t want to eat them! She also shares videos of her adorable children, which always guarantees a big smile.

Men With The Pot(@menwiththepot)

For a mix of outdoor cooking and ASMR, @menwiththepot is the perfect account to follow. Cooking up gourmet meals out in the woods using everything from open fires to big mounted pans, you’ll definitely pick up some food hacks from these videos.

Ice Cream Rolls (@icecreamrollsyt)

For those with a sweet tooth and a love for ASMR, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the videos from @icecreamrollsyt. Whether it is mashing up a full chocolate bar and turning it into aesthetic rolls, or trying out innovative flavors to create the ultimate dessert, we have no doubt you’ll be drooling after scrolling through the account.

Jack George Ralph (@jackgeorgeralph)

If you like chocolate, you need to follow Jack George Ralph. On his Tiktok, he takes you through his extravagant chocolate creations ranging from mouth-watering salted caramel treats to chocolate shells. He also sells his delicious and luxury chocolate online, meaning that you can experience the treats in the videos in real life.

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